Improving the quality of health in Barnet through sustainable primary care

What is a GP federation?

A GP federation is a group of general practice surgeries and practices coming together to form an organisation which can provide high quality services to the local area. Practices remain independent but collaborate and share resources to improve day-to-day functioning and patient care.

Why form a federation?

  • Increase patient demands on general practices with a need for more appointments
  • More complexity in primary care with patients living longer and having multiple health problems
  • Rising administrative demands on general practices
  • Workforce shortages
  • Less funding into general practices
  • To support each other and develop resilience

Who are Barnet Federated GPs (BFG)?

Barnet Federated GPs CIC is an organisation consisting of 52 general practices in the London Borough of Barnet covering approximately 400,000 patients.
The company was first formed in November 2015 through the coming together of GP surgeries in all 3 localities within Barnet (North, South and West). Board members were elected through their respective localities to represent the whole of Barnet. All board members are directors and registered at Companies House.