Barnet Federated GPs News – October 2021

Chair Update

Dear Members/ Colleagues,

I know it has been relentless and overwhelming in Primary Care with workload and activity at an all-time high. The Federation has been trying to increase the available Extended Access Slots available to practices but we are also being asked to assist with the pressures at A&E and 111 by offering slots for direct booking. We continue to push for the support required to Primary Care and we are thankful for all the staff (Federation team & Doctors, nurse, reception staff) who cover the services and do a fantastic job.
Stay safe and well!

Dr Anuj Patel


Your PPG Network – let’s liaise!

A survey of PCNs showed that there are ‘good’ Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) in each one. Just as cooperation between PPGs across Barnet Patient Participation Group (BPPN) increases their knowledge and effectiveness, so we are encouraging practices within each PCN, already cooperating clinically, to get to know each other’s PPG.

A constant concern is how few GP practices actually have fully functioning PPGs that contribute valuable support. Though a national problem, we can do something about it locally. PCN PPG liaison is a good start, with mutual support through its ready-made associations.

Barnet has many active PPGs yet BPPN reaches under half of practices, despite offering assistance and mentoring. We don’t know who needs help unless they ask! So, please start liaising within your PCN; ask your Practice Manager to initiate a joint PPG meeting combining, say, just two or three practices and BPPN support.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Hugh Ogus via: or 020 8954 0657

barnet patients


Rota Management

The Federation are delivering several services and all rota requests will now need to be sent to as the designated location for rota related queries and updates. Service-related queries can continue to be directed to


The Federation is currently negotiating an extension for Bluestream for the membership which will be effective from November for 1 year. There will also be an opportunity for colleagues to refresh policies as part of a working group. This will be funded with the profits made from last year. Further details will follow in the next newsletter.

EAS Service Update

Following a positive first meeting with the EAS task and finish group, we will continue discussions on the service model moving forward. The next meeting for the Task and Finish group will be held on the 17th November at 1pm.


The phlebotomy service is still being delivered PCN wide and we are in discussion with CCG to extend the service until December. An update will be shared with all members who have opted into the service as soon as we are informed.


BFG continue to fulfil our caretaker duties with Cricklewood ensuring practice stability and positive outputs.

Opportunity for GPs interested in working in the BFG EAS service

BFGs will be onboarding new sessional GPs into the EAS service. If you would like to find out more about the onboarding process as well as sessions and how to book them, please refer to the attached information. If you are interested in joining the Federation, please email:

Date for your diary

Wednesday 3rd November, 13:00-13:45 – Mental Health Update. Please see link below to join the event on the day:

Click here to join the meeting

For further practice support, training information and research updates please see below

Support For Our Practices

Welcome to our vacancy board – Do you have a vacancy or looking for a role in Barnet?

Advertising job opportunities via the Federation website!

Practices and professionals seeking job opportunities in Barnet can advertise through our website on our Pan Barnet Noticeboard:

Salaried GP

Ongoing recruitment for Salaried GPs to work primarily in EAS and other Federation services. If you are interested and would like to be considered, please refer to the attached Job Description for more details, or email

Extended Access Service (EAS) Service Updates and Appointments Provision

EAS Service Update

Please see updated data pack which gives a breakdown of EAS utilisation for September by PCN/Practice. Also included is the PCN allocated indicative appointments for November and December.

The key update here is that the Federation have been asked to ringfence 10 appointment a day for ED support from the current available appointments.

Following a positive first meeting with the EAS task and finish group, we will continue discussions on the service model moving forward. The next meeting for the Task and Finish group will be held on the 17th November at 1pm. Key points from the EAS Task and Finish Group were as follows.

  • We described and provided an overview of the service to the membership with a presentation on key considerations for the model of delivery and utilising this as an opportunity for coproduction with the membership.
  • We reassured the group that we will be able to breakdown the EAS data from September as requested
  • It was suggested that the group would benefit from having the practice managers be part of the discussions and shaping of the service. We have taken steps to introduce this for the next meeting.
  • We advised the group that the Fed has moved to a new Emis platform

Appointments Provision and how to access them

Appointments are released at the following times:

  • Monday-Friday – 10.00 & 15.00 (on the day of the appointment)
  • Saturday – 8:00am (on Thursday)
  • Sunday – 8:00am (on Friday)

Alternatively, patients can book directly through the appointment booking line – 02039486809 – which is available Monday-Friday 18.30-20.00 and Saturday-Sunday 08.00-20.00.
When booking into this service, please provide updated contact numbers for the patient. This will ensure that the GP can successfully contact the patient to conduct the telephone or video consultation.
Please see attached the EAS appointments booking updated process for step-by-step guidance or for more information on bookings appointments, please email

Extended Hour Service (EHS) Service Update

We will be providing the Q2 data to all practices who have opted into the EHS service. The data will cover July to September 21. This will be available by Friday 29th of October. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our services team via:


The service continues to operate across practice sites within Barnet. The Federation will directly be engaging with practices to identify patients who can be referred into the service.

The service offers specialist advice on all issues related to anticoagulant therapies and provides on-going monitoring for patients on anticoagulants. Please visit our website for your nearest clinic as well as the operating days:

Smoking Cessation

We are continuing to provide the service to PCN1D, PCN1W and PCN2 in the borough of Barnet. We are also providing a pan Barnet pregnancy service for all practices to refer into. Further information on how to refer into this service will be shared at a later date.

Please contact our services team if you have any queries via email: contact our services team via:

SMI Checks

The Federation are pleased to announce we are supporting a top up offer for Seriously Mental Ill Physical Health Checks. NHS England have made it a priority to reduce the disparity in health outcomes between people with a SMI and those without. A core part of this approach is to ensure that people with SMI receive annual physical health checks, the provision of which has been impacted by the pandemic. The new service will aim to address this through a combination of practice provision and proactive outreach to this patient cohort.

Please email the services team should you have any questions or queries via email:

Training Information and Opportunities

GP Assistant Cohort 2021

Barnet and Enfield Training Hub completed their GP Assistant Training course with 26 attendees across the 2 boroughs.
Please see attached for further details.

Barnet Primary Care’s successful bid to HEE for Pharmacist Technician Apprentices

Barnet Primary Care with the Training Hub’s Femeeda Padhani have been successful in their bid to HEE for funding for 5 Pharmacy Apprentice Technicians.

For more information, please refer to the attached additional documents.

NEW Barnet Training Hub presents Facing Frailty an educational programme for healthcare professionals working with the frail elderly

Barnet Training Hub is excited to announce the start of a series of education events designed to support colleagues working with the frail elderly, in particular those in care or nursing homes.
First meeting is 10th November on Polypharmacy led by Dr Clifford Lisk, Consultant Geriatrician. No need to book. Please use this link to join.
Please see the attached additional documents.

Multiprofessional Educators’ Workshop

The Barnet Primary Care Training Hub are excited to invite educators from all professions to our multiprofessional educators’ workshop on Thursday 25th November, 12.30-2.30pm.

Please sign up using the EventBrite link:

Further information can be found in the attached document.

Abbott Nutrition Educational Meeting

You are invited to an Abbott Nutrition Educational Meeting on Thursday 11th November 2021.

Please see the attached additional document for further details. To confirm your attendance please RSVP to Tina Makwana via: or 07827 956054

Gynaecology Primary Care Education Session – 17th November 2021, 1-2pm

Educational webinar for GPs and practice staff covering a range of topics aimed at improving GP education of dermatological conditions.

Please refer to the attached additional document for further details regarding the speakers and what the sessions will focus on. You can book your place via the link:

Dermatology GP Education Session – 25th November 2021, 1-2pm

Educational webinar for GPs and practice staff covering a range of topics aimed at improving GP education of dermatological conditions.

Please refer to the attached additional document for further details regarding the speakers and what the sessions will focus on. You book your place by clicking on the link:

NCL Hot topics in urology (management of recurrent UTIs) – 18th November, 1.15pm – 2pm

Following the success of the previous two NCL “Hot topics in urology” GP education sessions, we are pleased to announce that our next event will be held on Thurs 25th November from 1.15pm – 2pm via Teams. Further details can be found in the attached document.

Please book your place via the link:

PCN Nurse Leads

We are delighted to announce the level of interest shown across NCL for the new PCN Nurse Lead Roles.

Please attached additional document for more information.

XYTAL – Bringing Excellence to Primary Care

Events for Practice Managers & New Partners in General Practices

The XYTAL team is pleased to let me know about two free webinars that they are producing next month. Please links below:

The new normal in general practice

Learnings: Transition from salaried to partner in general practice

Further details can be found in the attached document.

Care Navigation and Enhanced Communication Skills

There are 3 options offered for the sessions and up to 10 people can attend each session. All sessions are very interactive with time built in for psychologically save conversations and wellbeing enhancing strategies.

Further details regarding the options for arranging sessions can be found in the attached additional document.

XYTAL New to Partnership Programme

New partners who have become a partner within the last 12 months are eligible for £3k non-clinical funding from NHS England to help them develop essential skills.
Deadline for sign up: 25th November 2021

For more information please see attached additional document.


national institute for health research

Barnet Study Updates

Dementia-Related Research Studies


The Barnet Research Network (BRN) in collaboration with Noclor are excited to have been invited to partner with UCL/University of Newcastle PriDem team working on a PCN-based qualitative study on developing a successful PCN-based Dementia Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) model for patients in independent living. Study set-up is being discussed with two PCNs.
UCL are recruiting a Clinical Dementia Expert to the 12-month study. The deadline has been extended to 3rd November 2021. Enquiries should be made directly to UCL on the job advert, please see attached.


RCT aiming to assess whether a new well-being intervention reduces cognitive decline in people with memory problems. Renumeration: £200.

HomeHealth RCT

Aiming to test the clinical effectiveness of the Home Health intervention in enabling independence in older people with mild frailty. Renumeration: £295.50.

If you would like your practice to participate in any of the above studies, please contact Deborah Onabajo (Primary Care Research Co-ordinator) on: (