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Guidance and Training Resources for GP Practice / Federation Staff

This is a collation of guidance and training resources available to GP practice / federation staff.  It aims to:

  1. Be small and up to date, with links not documents and summarising information from many sources
  2. Be practical, with direct links, short documents, short videos and clear titles
  3. Be useful, with practical tips and usable information

IF YOU CAN’T READ IT ALL, READ THESE! (copied from the sections that follow)

  1. What work is priority in GP practice:

RCGP Workload Prioritisation Guidance 03.04.2020:

  1. What PPE should be worn and how:

Public Health England (PHE) posters and video for donning and doffing PPE:

  1. How to prepare for face to face consultations:

Mountwood Practice clinician tips:


  1. How to do video consultations:

Uni of Oxford IRIHS Research Group ‘Video Consultations: Information for GPs’ (Dr Trish Greenhalgh):

  1. How to use AccuRx for notes and requests:

AccuRx fit notes and blood test requests video (Dr Dylan Parry) (4 videos – 2-4 mins each):

  1. How to talk about end of life care:

EC4H end of life care conversation (RED-MAP):

  1. How to look after yourself and your patients:

Mental Health Foundation (also for patients):

Vulnerable patients and repeat dispensing: national information, patient lists and searches are sent directly to practices and federations so not included here.

Hubs and home visiting: STP level and borough level pathways and bookings are specific to each borough and available through the federations so not included here.

Guidance for Practice Working

If you are seeing patients, you must know what Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to wear and how:

Public Health England (PHE) posters and video for donning and doffing PPE:

Direct link to the PPE video (7 mins):

Where possible use only Remote Consultations and know how to set them up, what to remember, how to do remote assessment, and how to have difficult conversations:

These should be used not only for GP assessment but also for pro-active phoning of various categories of patients (by admin, Link Workers, HCAs, nurses, pharmacists); for regular continued monitoring of COVID19 patients at home; and for end of life care.

BMJ remote consultation guidance (Dr Trish Greenhalgh):

Direct link to the remote consultation poster:

Uni of Oxford ‘Video Consultations: Information for GPs’ booklet (Dr Trish Greenhalgh):

eGPlearning ‘how to do video consultations’ video (Dr Gandalf) (20mins):

RCGP ‘how to do telephone triage’ podcasts (Dr Colin Fitzpatrick and Dr Chris Campbell) (4 podcasts – ~8 mins each):

Red Whale ‘how to do remote consulting’ webinar (Dr Osman Bhatti):

eGPlearning ‘explaining video consultations FOR PATIENTS’ video (Dr Gandalf) (2 mins):

Barnet TH telephone checks guide FOR NURSES (Dr Natalie Zhang):


EC4H ‘how to have end of life care conversations’ guide (RED-MAP):

NHS end of life care toolkit (Helix Centre):

Remote Management of LTCs during Covid-19 webinar (HEE 20.04.2020; 1 hour):
Telephone Consultations and Triage for Practice Nurses webinar (HEE 02.04.2020; 1.5 hours):

Know how to use AccuRx for video consultations and sending resulting paperwork:

Heathrow Practice AccuRx guidance (Dr Sukin Natarajan):


AccuRx fit notes and blood test requests video (Dr Dylan Parry) (4 videos – 2-4 mins each):

AccuRx Help Centre:

Help with EMIS Web, the FaceBook page is particularly useful:

EMIS Web Tools:

EMIS Web Facebook page – search for EMIS Web FB User Group for shared advice and tips

Information Governance during COVID19:

NHSX information governance advice:

Preparing for Face to Face Consultations within the practice:

NHS England GP practice guidance including the national Standard Operating Procedure (SOP):

BHR staff vulnerability assessment to check who can work where:

Rochdale General Practice Staff Risk Score including BAME


Mountwood Practice clinician tips on setting up the consultation room:


Resources for Practice Staff

Online Learning for Staff:



Red Whale:

QNI for nurses:

Marie Curie for end of life care:

Staff Advice:

RCN for nurses:

BMA for doctors:

NHS Employers for practices:

NHS Resolution for Clinical Negligence Indemnity:

Staff Wellbeing:

#OurNHSPeopleWellbeing Support

Survive and Thrive – Join a ‘Doctors Mess’ during COVID-19

 ‘Doctors Mess’ during COVID -19

NHS London Letter to GPs

NHS London RO Letter 23.04.2020 v2

Every Mind Matters (also for patients):

Mental Health Foundation (also for patients):

MIND (also for patients):

Headspace (now free for NHS staff):

Dr Michael Davey emotional wellbeing resources (free for NHS staff): and

Further Support for Patients:

Referral for NHS Volunteer Responder:

Collection of local Mutual Aid groups:

UK Government information:

NHS information:

When Should I Worry website:

CDC disinfecting homes guidance:

Compassion in Dying advanced care planning:

Recording your advance decision:

Cruse Bereavement Care grief and isolation advice:

Staff Hardship Funds:

Instructions for video conferencing for staff teams:

Zoom:  Confed-Zoom-Meeting-Guidance.docx

Microsoft Teams: BFG-Microsoft-Team-Guidance.docx

General Guidance and Advice

General Clinical Guidance:

‘Barnet Primary Care Pathway during Covid19’ is on the BFG website / members page and shared more widely on most popular resources.  It contains clinical and end of life pathways and guidance.

UK Government guidance:

NICE rapid guidelines:

Uni of Oxford COVID19 Evidence Service research:

WHO information:

CDC information:

PHE statistics updates:

Some Specific National Guidance:

NHSE Second Phase Response Letter 29.04.2020:

NHSE GP Preparedness Letter 27.03.2020:

RCGP Workload Prioritisation Guidance 03.04.2020:

RCN Maintaining the National Immunisation Schedule Principles 02.04.2020:

NHSE Death Provisions 31.03.2020:

BMA Remote Verification of Expected Death Guidance 04.2020:

Hospice UK Registered Nurse Verification of Expected Adult Death Guidance 28.04.2020:

NHSE Respiratory Guide 26.03.2020:

NHS London Clinical Networks Respiratory Resource Pack:

PCDS Diabetes Fact sheet 17.03.2020:

Local STP Guidance including re pathways, services and hubs:



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