Improving the quality of health in Barnet through sustainable primary care

Barnet Federation and our Patients (BPPG)

The Benefits for Patients being part of the Pan Barnet Federation:
Barnet Federation is looking to improve the relationship that we have with our Patient voice by working closely with our Patient Participation Groups across Barnet. Our patients voice matters to us to get feedback from our services and how we can improve services for the future.

Patients and Barnet Federation can work together to help improve:

  • The existing patient-doctor relationship
  • An existing understanding of local patient need
  • Better access for patients in different sites across Barnet
  • Services closer to home and in reassuring settings
  • Patient participation in the running of collaborative structures
  • A wider range of tailored services and continuity of care
  • An opportunity to hear our patients experiences and help The Federation improve community care for our population
The emergence of an association of PPGs, the Barnet Patient Participation Network (BPPN), brings together patients from practices across the borough.

Aims and Objectives of the BPPN:

  • To develop a relationship between Barnet’s Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) through a forum to share experience and exchange ideas.
  • To be an umbrella group whose pooled ‘patient voice’ will carry greater weight and influence than that of individual PPGs.
  • To share information, influence best practice, and report back on the “patients’ experience”.
  • To provide mutual support and offer help, guidance and mentoring to emerging PPGs.
  • To work alongside Practice Managers, the Federation, Healthwatch, the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), and other agencies and to inform, and influence where appropriate, the decision making process.
  • To encourage dialogue between patients and health personnel by contributing the patients’ perspective as a ‘critical friend’ in partnership with these agencies.
  • To develop the potential, particularly in parallel with practices working clinically in a local network, for offering specific support services by volunteers.
  • To ensure that member PPGs are kept informed of, and helped to understand, NHS health related changes.
  • To be an apolitical group, representing a broad spectrum of views from surgeries across the borough

Barnet Federated GPs Ltd is an organisation consisting of 52 general practices in the London Borough of Barnet covering approximately 400,000

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Membership of BPPN is automatically open to chairmen of all Barnet PPGs or their nominees.