Improving the quality of health in Barnet through sustainable primary care

Vision and Values

Our vision: Improving health in Barnet through sustainable primary care.

By meeting with our Member Practices regularly, as a Board, we have been able to develop values and principles that reflect both the needs of member practices and the needs of local patients. These have shaped our key business objectives. The aim is to work together to sustain resilient general practice; to lead care re-design; to improve the quality of care through integrated primary care teams supporting local populations and addressing local needs.

We believe that as a federated group of GPs, we can deliver the following benefits for practices in Barnet by:

Increasing the services we provide: Better services for patients and financial protection for practices

Working together we are better able to compete for contracts in the healthcare services market, such as community health, that can be delivered int he primary care setting.
By working together, we can diversify the services provided in primary care in Barnet so that they better suit the needs of the local people and protect the income levels of the general practice for the future.

A shared resource model: Reducing costs and practice administrative burden

A shared resource model driven by your need’s means that GP practices will be able to reduce costs in a number of areas. This will be a benefit for all practices in Barnet who wish to take up a shared resource offer from us.

Strong leadership for primary care:To secure our future in the healthcare system

Primary care is central to the current and future healthcare system. As a federated group of GPs, we will play a key role in how local services are planned and delivered to improve the patient journey. We will also represent primary care providers in working with partners in the healthcare arena. With the advent of Primary Care Networks and the ICS developments, this becomes increasingly more important.

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